Bleep Radio #325 by P-Hocto

Bleep Radio #325
Bleep Radio airs every Friday @ Noon EST and consists of an audio stream with chat, and quite often a video stream as well.

This particular episode of Bleep Radio was a guest performance courtesy of P-Hocto.
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Bleep Radio #325 Tracklist:
1. N-Joi - Malfunction
2. Michael Forshaw - The Joint
3. Luke's Anger - Working Overtime
4. Ben Pest - Yam Um Sugli
5. Tobias Von Hofsten - I Love My 808
6. Neil Landstrumm - Blam The Target
7. Anthony Lynn - Substances Interdites
8. TSAR - B.O.M.
9. Dax J - Utopia
10. Ki-Yota - A Bad Equation
11. Al Ferox - Shaved Woman From Outerspace
12. Michael Forshaw - Cheerleaders (DJ Urban Mix)
13. Jeoy Beltram - Fractals
14. The Dexorcist - Clandestine Warfare
15. UVB - Quiet Life
16. Sueme - Blollocks
17. Martyn Hare - The New Normal
18. Perc - Gob
19. Jamie Lidell - Freely Freekin
20. Chris Clark - Kin Griff
21. Scott Robinson - This Generation
22. Rob Stow - I'm Going To Kill Her
23. Jerome Hill - Tickle The Bee (A Tribute)

Bleep Radio #325 Download:

Bleep Radio #325 by P-Hocto [streamed on March... by funinthemurky

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