FitM & Bleep Radio Presents Paul Birken & MSQ

Fun in the Murky is a Hamilton, Ontario based Techno record label that releases oddball, tweaked out danceable Techno, etc.

Bleep Radio is a side-project of FitM. It’s a 14 year running live Internet broadcast (initially audio and now full video). Broadcasting from Hamilton, Ontario of course and fully committed to sharing the this music that is so under-valued.

Hamilton is my home, but Hamilton doesn’t know enough about the Techno I enjoy. I’ve played all over the States, Ireland, and England, but would love to be able to stay home and party with friends.

Let’s work on that together.

FitM & Bleep Radio Presents is a partially fan-funded endeavour. Using Patreon and the kindness of those who wish to help see Bleep Radio grow into something else the bulk of this event has been paid for. Hosting 2 international guests in little ol’ Hamilton would be finanically unfeasible. If you’d like to contribute to future events, please check out Patreon. The following people contributed and are responsible for this event being possible: Brad M, Jasper, Johan P, M. Todd S, Maigre, Mark A,Paul B, Scott G, Sean K, and Yu – Thanks folks!

Paul Birken is a legend in certain circles. A few squares even. The man has been accosting his machines that go bleep for decades and has an insane number of releases under his belt. His hardware based set-up has been trekking around the world performing his unique sets for a long time and he’s finally making his way to Ontario; Hamilton of all places! Each of Paul’s livesets is different than the last. Each one covers a broad swath of released and unreleased material as well as improvisation. If you’re interested in seeing Paul work his boxes or dancing to him doing it then you’re in luck.

Matt TDK ( MSQ) is from Rotterdam, Netherlands. A fellow vinyl based DJ who still simply prefers to sling the wax and doesn’t mind travelling with it. Also a producer he has a handful of Techno releases out. When J. Tijn was on Bleep Radio last year he played some unreleased MSQ material much to all of our delight. Paul has already appeared on Fun in the Murky and you’ll likely see MSQ in the future.

Kevin Kartwell is one of the hosts of CFMU’s Hostile Airwaves show on 93.3 FM here in Hamilton. Also a resident of the recent Deepmotive events that have been going on the last few months at the Blue Grotto downtown Hamilton.

Trevor Wilkes is me. FitM, Bleep Radio and all of this. Vinyl, lots of sharing and streaming. Always open to collaboration and having a good time with fellow music lovers. 2 decades and thousands of records later… Let’s have some Fun in the Murky.

FitM & Bleep Radio Presents is on Saturday JULY 15th, 2017. It’s an atypical space for this sort of event as we wanted it to be an atypical event. So join us at The Staircase Theatre at 27 Dundrun St. N. in Hamilton, Ontario at 8pm for an earlier than usual start as the event ends at 12:30am.

There are two tiers of ticket. $10 gets you in and $15 gets you in and gets you a copy of the DVD that will be created from the video and audio recorded at the event. The whole event will be filmed and recorded and then shared for those who want it. So crowd in, bust loose or simply hang out with friends (new and old) in the theatre seating available – it is a play-house after all. This event is also very limited. Maximum capacity is 67 people total. That leaves fewer than 60 tickets for sale.

Kevin Kartwell
MSQ (Matt TDK)
Paul Birken
Trevor Wilkes