Bleep Radio #318 by Mark Allen

Bleep Radio # 318
live-streamed on: August 29th, 2015 @ Noon EST. Played by: Mark Allen of Noise Vandals Radio [Noise Vandals, Soundcloud, Mixcloud]

Bleep Radio #318 is of course a guest mix from a fellow playing some great acid, similar to myself he seems to be really enjoying the acid wave that Jerome Hill has been surfing lately with his releases and labels.

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Bleep Radio #318 Tracklist
1 - ERP "El Camino" Bleep 43 Recordings
2 - Hardfloor "The Trill Acid Theme (E.R.P. Remix)" hf011
3 - Ben Pest "Slo Mo Punch (Hrdvsion Remix)" Balkan Vinyl
5 - "Room 13 (Matt Whitehead’s Transfer MIX )" I Love Acid
6 - Neil Landstrumm "Reverse Rebel" Restaurant of Assassins album
7 - "Dancer, BOOM BOOM (Jerome Hill edit)" Super Rhythm Trax
8 - Jerome Hill "Controlled" I Love Acid.
9 - Mark Archer "Armageddon (Neil Landstrumm Remix)" Balkan Vinyl
10 - G23 "Mountain’s Acid (Jerome Hill Remix)" Super Rhythm Trax
11 - Unknown "A1" ACIDWORX 06
12 - Scott Robinson "Cause Trouble" Fun in the Murky 03
13 - WarlocK "Break Bones" Balkan Vinyl
14 - Neil Landstrumm "Brutality" Don’t recordings
15 - Mark Hawkins "Protect And Survive" Doomsday Clock
16 - Mark Archer "Say it y’all (Evapor 8 origin 8 )" Balkan Vinyl
17 - Jerome Hill "Paper Bag Acid" Super Rhythm Trax
18 - Mark Archer "Frequency (Asylum Seekers Mix)" Balkan Vinyl
19 - Martyn Hare "The future of everything (Paul Birken Remix)" Don’t Recordings
20 - Unknown "A1" ACIDWORX 02
21 - Mark Hawkins "Tricky Nord Deep Mix" Band camp
22 - Chris Moss Acid "ACID 209" don’t recordings
23 - Bebop & Rocksteady "Rubber Sophie - Jerome Hill Stripped Back Remix" Bonus Round

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Bleep Radio e318 - Mark Allen

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