The Kids Want Techno w/ Jerome Hill


Pictures are back from the photographer!


This Saturday just past I had Jerome Hill (Don’t, Super Rhythm Trax, Bleeper, Fat Hop) join me here for his first Canadian visit at my quarterly Techno etc. night at Sous Bas.

Those of you who weren’t there due to obligations, proximity, or something else less forgivable (tsk tsk!) still get to experience the next best thing. I’ve recorded video and audio and have it all uploaded.


This video is the entire evening from start to finish. It includes my solo set opening the night up, a back to back portion with Jerome and I getting into harder stuff, as well as a 2.5 hour set from the man himself – Jerome!

00:00 – 01:17 – Trevor Wilkes
01:17 – 02:39- Trevor Wilkes B2B Jerome Hill
02:39 – 04:57 – Jerome Hill

If you’d prefer to simply listen to the sets, I’ve added our two solo segments to Soundcloud.