Project Bleep 001

Morning folks!

It’s been ages since I did one of these (15 years???), but here’s lookin’ at you kid.

I’ve taken one of my hardware live jams from here at home and recorded at the bits of it separately. A few loops and a bunch of hits. I’ve stuffed it all into a rar file and put it on my server here for you to download.

Project Bleep 001 Download

The concept is simple. Take all or little of this package of squiggles and make something. It can be a track or a 30 second deodorant commercial. Electronic or acoustic in nature. Serious, or funny. Kidding Serious is for suckers.

Finish it up, don’t be shy. Send it over. I’ll create a Soundcloud playlist with all of the ones I’m sent. Unless you don’t want me to share (just say so). I’ll only listen and not upload in that case. Enter once, enter 10 times. I don’t care. I’m easy going and don’t like to place restrictions if they’re not really needed.

The ones I like the most I’ll pay to have mastered at my usual place and then even further the best 1-2 I’ll pay to have pressed to a 1 sided picture disc. Aside from myself the people whose tracks are chosen for that disc will also get copies of it. Sweet right!?

More importantly a bunch of music nerds will collab. Let’s have fun.

Anyway, there’s a readme in the rar with a bit more info. Have a gander. Invite friends. Do the things.