Dj Deeon @ Sous Bas w/ Dj Barbi, Cryogenetic, Cherriep, and Trevor Wilkes

Friday Sept 7th was a big day for Hamilton.  The Werkout team (Dj Barbi and Cherriep) who have a monthly Electro/Ghettotech/Etc… night at Sous Bas managed to land Dj Deeon’s first ever Canadian appearance.  Deeon is one of the originators of the raunchier side of Chicago House and is responsible for some classic Dance Mania jams too.  With myself and Cryogenetic added to the bill, it was an evening of Electro, Ghettotech, Booty, and everything else that orbits those genres.

..and I recorded the whole night.  Direct Download is available here (raw directory).  Or you can stream them over at Soundcloud via this playlist.